Thursday, 15 November 2012

Funny Rain T-shirts

Hello there!

How is everybody! I am actually pretty good, partially because to the weather over here in England; see as I'm sure you have heard England is famous for rain, but this week has seemed to have bucked the trend seeing as it has basically been dry. But the weather has given me an idea for the theme of today's post. It is indeed rain! So lets show the Tees!

Rain Cloud Shirt by Ryan Yasutake
This is the general mood when the rain hits. It is rather annoying I have to say how umbrella's never seem to fully protect you from the rain. But I must admit I do think the design of this is pretty charming. This shirt is available here.

I love london... by akwel
Now I must admit that rain is one of the first things I think about when I think of London, so this shirt is a nice way of summing up my thoughts. This shirt is available here.

This shirt I just find cute so I thought it had to be included! It is available here.

Now finally for the christmas shirt:
Keep calm its christmas by Zozzy-zebra
Here it is :), I am happy to say that this design is one of my personal ones and I'm even happier to say that it has recently been sold :D. You can tell christmas is coming when you sell your first christmas design! Anyway this top is available here.

So yes there you go :) another fine selection of tees for you to explore, and then there's mine XD. So what do you think to this selection, which is your favourite? Also seeing as this is a weather blog, what has the weather been like for you recently? Please comment, I love comment's :) and have a good Friday. Also if you live in England have a good children in need day. Are you doing any fundraising? I must admit I have no exciting fundraising plans this year unfortunately but I will be donating some money.


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