Friday, 2 November 2012

Hello there!

Hello.... so it appears I am creating a blog.. this is exciting *grins in an excited way*. Well I would grin in an excited way... but that may scare you... so I'll just smile sweetly instead.

Anyway so you're probably wondering who is this idiot typing away on the keyboard and what are they typing about? Well the idiot is me... but I preferred to be called Zozzy, I just think it sounds nicer than idiot! Now to answer the second question well you may be able to guess from the name of this blog. Have you guessed correct? lets see...

This blog is about hamsters.... nope not really its about T-shirts of course! Now not just any T-shirts either its about funny T-shirts because lets face it there are some pretty cool funny T-shirts out on the web so I'll be finding them for you and be writing about them in these coming blogs. Exciting times!

Well I guess I better introduce myself, I'm a typical (ish!) teenager living in the very exciting location of England (I would put Mars but unfortunately I think people may know that I'm lieing so I'll stick with the truth). I guess I'm interested in typical teenagery things, but one of my interests is designing, especially T-shirts. So I guess this is the point where I share my story with you. Well for the last six months I've been selling T-shirts online which has been a pretty cool way of making some pocket money and I've noticed that there are lots of awesome funny shirts out there so I thought time it was about time a blog was created to feature them. Now I know I'm not the first person to have such a brainwave but I'm still doing it anyway.

So yes that pretty much sums up my blog type thing it will be featuring funny T-shirts as well as random information about my very exciting life; you'll get to share my very exciting journey at trying to create some of my own funny designs. I may even show you my store at some point!

So yes... please read my future blogs and share my journey into funny T-shirts I'm sure it will be most exciting.


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