Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thanksgiving Tees

Hello :D

So its Friday FINALLY! I don't know about you but it has certainly been a looooong week for me XD. Too much homework. What about you how has your week been.

Anyway I thought I'd do an uplifting Friday blog for you all because I'm kind like that which is why today's theme is Thanksgiving. Now its only a few weeks away now so I thought I'd show you some cool ideas to wear for the big celebration. So without further or do lets see the shirts :D:

Cooking Team, Funny Thanksgiving T-Shirts
Are you on the cooking team this year, if you are you could show off your role with pride with this cool shirt. Me personally though I think it may be sensible for me to stay away from the kitchen, seeing as last time I ventured into the land I may have grilled a cake...

I really need a Tee like this for Christmas too seeing as I'm always tempted by those mince pies!

Funny Thanksgiving Thigh Dark T-Shirt by Koncepts by Karyn
Which part of the Turkey do you enjoy feasting on for thanksgiving? You could tell the chef in style with this shirt , I must admit I do like this one a lot and it would be useful seeing as whenever there is turkey at my house there is a battle for the thighs!

When Do We Eat Holiday Turkey Tees
Now if you have ever eaten with kids you'll probably be very familiar with this phrase. I know for one when my cousin's come round this is all they seem to say for the half an hour leading up to dinner. So this may be the top for them, they can let their clothes do the talking instead of their mouths!

So there we have it, another wonderful collection of T-shirts. Which one is your favourite? Please comment telling me what you think of this selection. The other thing I'm always looking for in comments is suggestions. Suggestions what for? I hear you cry, well simply suggestions for themes of future posts. So yes please do comment, as I like reading them very much :). The other question I have for you is, have you voted on the poll yet? If not please do, remember I'm going to use it for a statistically blog at some point, so yes please vote.

So yes... thats it really, except to say have a good Friday :), and what are you doing for Thanksgiving?



  1. Haha the "stretched-after-eating" tee is pretty funny. My family and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving without the turkey (we think roasted turkey is too bland), but haven't decided on what to make. All-you-can-eat-sushi, perhaps??

    1. Oh the all you can eat sushi sounds like a brilliant idea, I love sushi :).